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Customized Model Railroad Control Systems

At Railroad Control Systems, our goal is to provide a totally customizable control system for your layout, while our hardware and software do all the hard work for you. Our modular components and advanced software can be expanded to service a layout of any size or complexity. 

There's no need to settle for minimal ...

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Crafting Custom Model Train Control Systems With Ease and Innovation

We know that while many model railroad enthusiasts may desire seamless integration of multiple devices and functions on their layout, it can often be difficult to develop the required software development skills.

That's why we made it our mission to provide hardware and software that lets anyone, regardless of ...

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20 Years of Tailored Control and Signaling Solutions for Model Railroads

We have been designing and creating state-of-the-art signaling and control solutions for model railroads for the last 20 years, so we have the expertise to create a system that can be tailored to your needs.

Predecessors of the S³ system have been installed in many top-of-the-line museum displays, such as the B&O ...

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Build Your Custom System

 Custom Programmed Systems - No Programming Required!

Visit our Shop to download a free copy of the S³ User's Manual OR a copy of the latest version of the S³ Configurator Software!

Model Railroad Control for Everyone

Striking the Perfect Balance

Control systems for model railroads have traditionally been a compromise between ease of use and realistic operation. Off-the-shelf solutions may be easy to use but don't provide prototypical operation and can't be integrated with the overall control strategy. Custom-programmed systems can provide an integrated solution but are time-consuming and require special software development skills.

The Simple Signal System (S³) provides the best of both worlds, with complete customization and no software development requirements. All configuration and logic is done via "point and click", while our built-in logic engine interprets the user-defined logic and controls all devices. Hundreds of model railroad devices, from signals to turnouts to crossings to control panels, may be operated simultaneously in one integrated system.

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Is It Really "Point and Click"?

It is indeed! Creating a completely customized control system with S³ requires no software development, no scripting, no mysterious coding of any kind.

A simple three-step process is followed: Define the devices to be controlled or monitored; define the controlling logic; and download it to the controller via a standard USB cable.

Devices are chosen from a list of all commonly used model railroad Items, such as signals, block detectors, or turnouts. All the user needs to know is where each device is connected - I/O card number and position on the card. Drivers for every type of device are built into the controller and handle all details of opeating the device.

Logic is likewise selected by defining simple lines of statements, selecting items from pull-down menus or entering device numbers. Logic takes the form of simple statements like "Signal 4 is Red when Block 7 is occupied and Turnout 9 is Reversed". To eliminate any possible typos, the logic is all entered by selecting it from menus, so that only valid choices may be entered.

Once the logic has been entered and saved, the entire configuration is downloaded to the controller with a single mouse click. The controller interprets the logic and operates the layout according to the user's selections. The PC may remain connected to monitor operations or test devices, or be completely disconnected from the controller - your PC is not required to run the layout.

Multiple configurations may be created and stored on the PC and on the controller, so that a variety of testing and/or operating strategies can be selected.

Our Journey

Empowering Your Vision

For the past 20 years, we've been crafting customized software and electronics for leading model railroad builders. During this time, we've developed a versatile system that can operate signals and various electronic components. In the last two years, we've developed user-friendly PC software, known as the "Simple Signal System" (S³) enabling effortless configuration and control of layout electronics, eliminating the need for programming. This system is designed for those who desire complete customization without the complexities of software development. It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of model railroad devices, making it suitable for signals, block detectors, turnouts, crossings, and even non-railroad components like lighting controls and automation. Our commitment is to empower your unique vision and transform your model railroad experience.

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