Crafting Custom Model Train Control Systems With Ease and Innovation

We know that while many model railroad enthusiasts may desire seamless integration of multiple devices and functions on their layout, it can often be difficult to develop the required software development skills.

That's why we made it our mission to provide hardware and software that lets anyone, regardless of experience, to create a completely customized system.

Our software, running on your PC, allows you to define all the model railroad devices you wish to operate, and specify exactly when and how they will operate, all via simple "point and click" selections that require NO programming knowledge.

The end result of several years of development is the S³ model railroad control system. Our unique S³ master controller carries out all user-defined logic, commanding multiple input and output boards, and allowing for the seamless integration of dozens or even hundreds of devices on your model railroad. This sophisticated technology also ensures that your customized control system is intuitive and easily configurable, via a simple graphical user interface.

Visit our Shop to download a free copy of the S³ User's Manual or a free copy of the latest version of the S³ Configuration Program.

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