20 Years of Tailored Control and Signaling Solutions for Model Railroads

We have been designing and creating state-of-the-art signaling and control solutions for model railroads for the last 20 years, so we have the expertise to create a system that can be tailored to your needs.

Predecessors of the S³ system have been installed in many top-of-the-line museum displays, such as the B&O Railroad Museum, and the Childrens' Museum of Puerto Rico, in addition to numerous high-end private layouts and clubs.

At Railroad Control Systems, we are proud of our model railroad control solutions, and we understand how hard it is to find reliable solutions that fit your specific needs. We look forward to helping you create the ideal control system for your model railroad!

Visit our Shop to download a free copy of the S³ User's Manual or a free copy of the latest version of the S³ Configuration Program.

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