Infrared Detector

Infrared Detector

Infrared Detector

This sophisticated device is designed to detect rolling stock in a fixed position along the track, whether it's mounted under the ties or positioned vertically next to the track. Utilizing a time-of-flight sensor unaffected by ambient light, it guarantees accuracy and reliability. This device works by emitting a short pulse of IR light, then measuring the time it takes to receive the reflected beam. When the time is below a fixed threshold, it indicates an object is present and the output is switched on. Will work with nearly any reflective surface, regardless of color or texture, in bright light or darkness.

The detector may be installed under the track by removing one tie and sliding it between the rails. Its range is limited to 2.5 inches, so that it can be installed in tunnels if the ceiling height is at least 3 inches. 

The detector measures just 3/8" x 7/8" and 1/8" thick, so it is small enough to be used on any scale layout, fitting easily beneath the rails, or hidden among scenery next to the track.

Picture shows sensor with n-scale track and 10 cent piece. Sensor module is the small dark object in the center of the circuit board. The area above the sensor module must have a clear line of sight to avoid false triggering. The included cable adapts the sensor to the inputs of any I/O board.

The sensor comes with an attached cable with an embedded interface circuit that adapts the output of the sensor to the required input levels of the S³ or I/O boards. It can plug directly into the 3-wire pin header input board, or the plug may be removed if a screw terminal interface is being used.

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