Modular Signal Tester

Modular Signal Tester

Modular Signal Tester

When installing signals using our modular interface, making sure the wiring is correct can be a headache. If something doesn't work, is it the signal with it's tiny wires, the cable, a bad screw-down connection, or has the logic been set up incorrectly?
The signal tester can be used to validate the wiring and signal are functioning correctly. Just plug it into the end of the cable and press the Red, Green, or Yellow buttons to light the corresponding aspect of the signal. You can very quickly validate the proper operation of the signal hardware.

Requires one 9-volt battery (not included) attached with the included battery clip. The battery can be taped to the back of the board to make an easy-to-handle unit. It is recommended that the battery be wrapped in tape so that the metal case of the battery doesn't touch the back of the circuit board. 

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