Modular Signal Interface

Modular Signal Interface

Modular Signal Interface

We offer a series of modular connectors to greatly simplify layout wiring, especially on modular layouts which have to be taken apart and re-assembled frequently. Instead of hard wiring, standard phone cables can be used to connect signals, turnouts, or detectors.

The Modular Signal Connector provides jacks for up to 5 3-light signals on a double-wide interface board. Resistors (standard 1K) are included to properly limit current to LED signals. Power for the signals is also carried via the modular cable.    

A corresponding board at the signal location (sold separately) contains a single jack and four screw terminals to adapt the signal wires to the modular cable.

Cables and plugs must be 6-wire flat modular cable. You can either crimp your own cables or buy pre-made cables from electronic distributors or stores selling telephone equipment. All cables use the standard telephone cable connection sequence.

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