Powered Output Interface

Powered Output Interface

Powered Output Interface

Light up your model railroad with the Powered Output Connector. Designed to accommodate up to 8 digital output devices, it offers optional connections for both 5-volt and 12-volt power, brought out to four screw terminals. Includes built-in resistors for use with LED lamps. Available with 510 ohm, 1K (pictured), or 2K resistors to accommodate various LED configurations.

This board plugs into the S³ Master Controller, RCS-816 I/O Card, or RCS-1632 I/O Card. Suitable for common anode LED signals or other devices with a common anode connection. For single LEDs, connect the cathode to the numbered terminal.

NOTES: 510 ohm resistors should only be used with 5 volt power to avoid overheating. 5 volt power is limited to 700 milliamps total for all headers on an I/O board.

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