Simple Signal System Master Controller

Simple Signal System Master Controller

Simple Signal System Master Controller

The Simple Signal System Master Controller is the heart of any control system. This cutting-edge device allows you to connect 8 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs while simultaneously controlling up to 49 remote input/output modules. What sets it apart is the sheer simplicity of control—configure your system effortlessly with intuitive "point and click" selections on your PC. Customize and integrate hundreds of model railroad devices effortlessly.

The multi-pin headers allow a variety of interfaces to be plugged into the controller to provide signal conditioning, LED current limiting, or drivers for switch machines. Each output can drive up to 150 milliamps to operate strings of LEDs, light bulbs, or small motors.

The true magic happens when you disconnect from your PC after configuration. The master controller runs independently, ensuring your railroad's instant start up and uninterrupted operation. Buttons allow the selection of one of four different configurations at start up.

Minimize wiring complexity by networking I/O cards, allowing each card to be near the devices it controls. Networking is implemented using simple 6-wire phone cables, allowing interchange of hundreds of messages per second between the controller and the I/O cards.

The optional diagnostic display, whether mounted directly or remotely via a 3-foot ribbon cable, provides you with the information needed to test and troubleshoot the devices on your layout.

Includes USB cable and PC Configuration software. (Windows 7 or later)

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