Integrated Diagnostic Display

Integrated Diagnostic Display

Integrated Diagnostic Display

The diagnostic display plugs directly into the S³ controller. By using the four pushbuttons, the diagnostic display allow the user to monitor or control any device on the layout. Device states are shown in real-time on the graphic display while the system is running.

The display may also be used to select any of 32 configurations to be run at startup, to halt and restart the system, and to monitor I/O cards for communication errors.

NOTE: With or without the diagnostic display, devices can be monitored or tested from the PC when the USB cable is plugged in and the PC is running the configuration program.

NOTE: The diagnostic display may be added to the S³ controller at any time by simply plugging in the display module and moving one jumper on the controller board. All software support for the display is already included in the controller.

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