SC-16 Servo Controller

SC-16 Servo Controller

SC-16 Servo Controller

The SC-16 servo controller allows you to add control of up to 16 "radio-control" style servos to your layout. Servos are often used to operate turnouts, crossing gates, semaphores, and other forms of animation where precise positioning is required.

The SC-16 features pushbuttons for setup of the exact servo position for each of three preset options. For example, when operating a three-position semaphore, the Red, Yellow, and Green positions can be precisely preset, then the logic need only control which aspect to display to have the semaphore moved to that exact position.

The SC-16 connects to the S³ Network like any other I/O card.

IMPORTANT NOTES: The SC-16 operates on 5 volt power ONLY. A separate power supply should be provided with sufficient capacity to operate the number of servos connected. The use of Digital servos is highly recommended for best operation.

Expected Availability: December 2023

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