Charles L. "Chuck" Davis

Founder and Chief Engineer

Chuck Davis founded Railroad Control Systems almost 20 years ago, as a way to combine his love of model railroads with his two key skills: electronic design and software engineering. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University, he spent the next 30 years in the steel and automotive industries, developing innovative systems in the process control and plant floor automation areas.

Upon retirement, Chuck embarked on a new chapter by founding Railroad Control Systems, and spent a number of years developing customized control systems for some of the major model-building companies in the US. His work is on display in several museums, in including the B&O Railroad Museum, and the Children's Museum of Puerto Rico. He has also developed customized control systems for more than 20 privately-owned top-of-the-line railroads and several club layouts. In addition, he has provided lighting systems for more than a dozen architectural models in various industries.

In recent years, Chuck's focus has shifted towards democratizing model railroad control. He has poured his energy into developing the Simple Signal System, a groundbreaking innovation that brings the advantages of integrated, custom control systems to individual model railroad builders. This system is a testament to Chuck's commitment to providing cost-effective and user-friendly solutions to the model railroading community.

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