Signals Controlling Signals???

Signals Controlling Signals???

Signals Controlling Signals???

In S³ Logic, any device may be controlled based on the state of any other device. So a signal may be controlled based on the state of some other signal(s). Why would we want to do this?

Take a look at the diagram. Signal 2 will have some fairly complex logic based on the settings of the three turnouts, and the occupancy of blocks 3, 4, 5, and 6. The signal may be red under four different conditions. Just as one example:

S2 is RED if T2 is Normal, T1 is Normal, T3 is Reversed, and Block 3 is Occupied.

Three additional Red conditions would be similarly configured. Now look at Signal 1. It would be Red only if Block 2 is occupied, but it should be Yellow whenever Signal 2 is Red. This means all the logic listed for setting Signal 2 Red would be needed for setting Signal 1 to Yellow - a lot of extra mouse clicks. But this can be eliminated with one simple statement:

S1 is Yellow if S2 is Red!

Using this method can save you several dozen mouse clicks when defining the signal logic. Keep it in mind!

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