Isn't that an Arduino???

Isn't that an Arduino???

Isn't that an Arduino???

The careful observer may have noted that the S³ and I/O boards are built around standard Arduino modules, specifically the Raspberry Pi Pico and Teensy 4.0 processors. These high-performance, low-cost modules offer an incredible value and greatly simplify our overall design.

This may raise the question: "Can I reprogram the processor on my S³ or I/O board?" You certainly can if you have the skills, but we don't recommend it for several reasons:

  • You would be erasing nearly 10,000 lines of meticulously developed and tested code, over two years in development.
  • You void the warranty and forego any support that we offer.
  • We don't provide documentation of the hardware design or code, so you're pretty much on your own.
  • We don't provide the ability to reload the software if it's been erased. If needed, your board would have to be returned to us for reprogramming. There would be a charge for this service.

We have to assume that if you have the skills to do your own software development at this level, you'd probably be designing and developing your own systems, rather than looking for an easy-to-use solution. So keep your S³ in tact and enjoy the system as it is!

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