Coming Soon - Analog Inputs and Outputs

Coming Soon - Analog Inputs and Outputs

Coming Soon - Analog Inputs and Outputs

Why analog in a digital system? For some applications, it is necessary to provide adjustable outputs to control the brightness of lamps or the speed of motors.

Analog outputs aren't truly variable voltage, but instead are rapidly pulsed on and off to give the effect of variable power. This is referred to as Pulse Width Modulation or PWM. All the outputs on the S³ and the I/O cards have always been capable of PWM control from 0% to 100% in 1% increments. What's new is the logic to control these outputs and the ability to have Analog inputs to feed variable data to the logic.

Analog inputs will be implemented via an analog input board that plugs into any input header and supports connection of two potentiometers to set input voltage. The voltage is converted to a digital value which can then be saved or used to directly control an analog output. In addition, functions will be available to increment or decrement an analog value via a special type of pushbutton, providing digital control of an analog output.

Look for complete analog input and output support to be available by year-end 2023!

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